Overview of Academic Programs and Departments

BS Computer Science

The CS Department is a progressive academic arm of FEU – EAC utilizing technologies to enhance the curriculum and the academic and social development of students, faculty, and community.

BS Information Technology

The Bachelor of Science Information Technology (BSIT) Program is focused on the acquisition, deployment and management of information technology resources and services.

Associate in Computer Technology

The program is designed for career field in Information Technology. It caters students who are not yet decided which bachelor’s degree program to pursue in the field of Information Technology.

BS Computer Engineering

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BS CpE) provides a broad undergraduate education to develop analytical skills and practical design knowledge that ensure long-term career flexibility.

BS Civil Engineering

The Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) program of FEU-East Asia College was reopened in 2001 to satisfy the needs for professional civil engineers

BS Electrical Engineering

The branch of engineering that deals with the technology of electricity, especially the design and application of circuitry and equipment for power generation and distribution, machine control, and communications.

BS Electronics Engineering

Being the most sought after branch of Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) is a dynamic program that prepares its graduates to be in the forefront of the revolutionary electronics technology.